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Tips for Trade Show Graphics

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We have been at so many trade shows and it is easy to pick up on the things that companies are doing wrong without even realising. Here are some trade show …

Tips for Trade Show Graphics

Tips for Trade Show Graphics

With many exhibition booth designs, there are empty spaces for graphics. When you are sending out an RFP to stand contractors, you can ask them to leave space for graphics or not – this is entirely up to you. However, depending on the stand, graphics usually serve great purpose by giving you an extra platform for branding as well as adding dimension to your booth.

It is usually the responsibility of the company, not the contractor, to design graphics for the booth but feel free to send your designs to them for their opinion or ask them for ideas on what they think might look good. Here are some tips for trade show booth graphics.

Stick to one theme – make sure that all your graphics are designed in one theme. The same theme you have for the booth, advertisements at the show, sponsorships at the exhibition and trade-show marketing material should follow through in your booth graphics. It might be tempting to play around and make each one completely different but it could end up looking confusing and messy. The colour theme, design and copy should look good together so that the overall design works together. Your graphics should tell a coherent story.

Keep it simple – don’t go and add a huge amount of text that no one will stand and read. Place a headline that will entice people to visit your booth and find out more. Booth graphics are no space for small details, remember less is more. For it to be impactful, your messaging should be concise and to the point. Write something that will attract visitors and try to avoid playing with too many different types of fonts.

Hire a professional graphic designer – one that knows trade shows. Hire someone who knows what they are doing so that they can follow the specs exactly and come up with good quality work.

Image Quality is everything – use high quality images, don’t try to blow up small images and make sure that all artwork is in high resolution so that it comes out well in print. Always give the company printing the graphics your pantone colour so that they can be as close, in colour, as possible.

Rendering – ask your contractor to show you what the graphics would look like in the booth by viewing your graphics rendered on the display. You might think they look great until you see them on the booth so this is a critical step to ensuring your graphics are right for your booth.

Lighting – don’t add graphics in the corners or in dark spots at the booth. Make sure they are placed somewhere where they are highlighted and visible.

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