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The importance of social media for a successful trade show

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The importance of social media for a successful trade show

Using Social Media at Trade Shows – Event Marketing

Be a social media butterfly

  • Getting your name out there and promoting your brand
  • Having a good time and enjoying your company’s presence
  • Meeting clients and potential clients

The social media frenzy is popular for a reason. There is so much you can do and such a wider audience you can reach if you use the right platforms to post your content. By making this physical event virtual, you can easily target a global audience. Many social media platforms lend themselves effortlessly to a range of effective marketing functions, yet many companies do not take full advantage of this.

Come up with a social media plan – make sure that you have accounts on each of the platforms you wish to use. If you don’t have an account then set them up (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whichever ones you think will reach your target audience).

Start before the show – find out what the show’s official hashtag is a few weeks before the show. Start posting using the hashtags, relevant keywords and official show name. ┬áMaking up your own hashtags might not be very effective but if you are going to be posting a lot then use a customised hashtag in every post.

Create a teaser post or video if you have company news or a product launch coinciding with the exhibition. Get people excited and invite them to your booth to witness the unveiling of your exciting new product!

Connect with people – let everyone know what your involvement in the show will be whether it is your booth number, your speaker opportunity, a product launch or a press event. Connect with media contacts that will be covering the event and let them know if you have news to share. Share what they are posting, comment on their posts and show them that you think their content is interesting. Be a social media butterfly and interact with others using your company accounts.

LinkedIn – finding people for business purposes could not have been made easier. Make a list of the companies you would like to meet with at the show and find the relevant person on LinkedIn. Connect with them and discuss the possibility of meeting at the event.

Post lots of photos and videos – taking the experience beyond the exhibition center will help you reach a much wider audience. Getting video footage of the event is quite effective and gives diversity to the posts. See if you can get a happy customer to saw a few quick words and post their video testimonial on the page.

Don’t stop when the show starts – continue to post photos, videos and whatever else you can get on your social media channels. This will keep people updated and will have your booth buzzing. Post about any competitions or giveaways you have at your booth too.

Proofread – grammar and spelling mistakes can make the best post look absolutely horrendous so make sure you proofread before posting – you’ll be glad you did. Autocorrect does not help!

Bring your localized presence to a global audience by sharing content, using hashtags and relevant keywords and posting a variety of content. Go on, jump on the social media bandwagon and bring the tradeshow to life in other parts of the world.

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