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Taking photos at trade shows

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Taking photos at trade shows

Say Cheese! Tips For Great Photos At Trade Shows

If you are at a trade show, the odds are you have invested time, money and effort. From your booth to the hostesses, giveaways and sponsorships, you probably have a long list of moments you want to capture.

First things first, decide why you want to take photos. Will these be used for internal purposes , for promotional marketing or for social media only? Remember, posting them across social media platforms right away and keeping your followers engaged throughout the show can have an enormous impact on your social media efforts. People want to know what’s going on and live feed is one of the best ways to do this.

You also need to decide if you are going to take these photos yourself or whether you need to hire a professional photographer. When opting for a professional photographer, find one that has experience shooting at exhibitions as they would be an expert in that type of environment.

Make a schedule – this, like many other things at trade show, needs to be planned ahead of time. Make a list of the things you would like to capture. This includes major meetings, special guests, press conferences, products launches, signing deals, individual staff photos and a group photo – not to mention your exhibition booth. Go through the floor plan and see if anything interesting catches your eye, there might be more to capture than you had thought of. Check our photo checklist here.

Test shots – take a few test shots to see which lighting is best, which angles work better and whether or not you need the flash. Compare and take it from there.

The early bird catches opportunities for excellent shots – get to the show as early as you can to take shots of the booth, the products you have on display and anything else you might not want to have people in the background of.

Camera settings – make sure that the photo is high quality and a large size. The bigger the size of the image, the better the quality.

Speak to the organisers – find out if prior permission is required when taking photos at the show. Can these photos be used for commercial or marketing purposes and do you have permission to use those pictures with show visitors and other company booths in the background?

Add variety – a picture may speak a thousand words but that doesn’t mean people are not going to get bored. Multimedia posts are usually the most effective so try to mix it up to keep your followers interested.

Don’t be shy – get creative and look for little things that might photograph well. Take spontaneous photos, capture funny moments and have fun with it!

Remember, it’s not about the camera – it’s about who’s behind it.

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