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Pre-trade show marketing

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So, you have found the ideal contractor. Their design is brilliant and their price even more so. Before you get ahead of yourself and jump into signing a contract, ask …

Pre-trade show marketing

Regardless of what industry you are in, chances are there is a massive exhibition that brings together the biggest names in your industry. Being at an exhibition involves a lot of expenses, effort, resources and manpower. You need to make the most out of attending an exhibition by letting people know you will be there. Simply chasing people around the exhibition floor or tracking them down at their booths is not half as effective as letting them know you will be there and arranging a meeting prior to the commencement of the show.

Here are a few ways you can let people know that you will be at the trade show.

Mass mail – if your database is big, send out a mail blast. Put the name of the show, your booth number or contact details so they know where to find you. Maybe it’s someone who knows your company name but has completely forgotten what services or products your company sells so add something short about your company and let them know that you will be there and the contact details they should use should they wish to set up a meeting. Email campaigns are cheap and extremely easy to execute so take advantage of this one. Take time to design an eye-catching creative that will still be on their minds when they see your booth. At least they would have seen or heard of your products or services before the show.

Direct – if your niche is small and you have a few specific people that you must meet with, send them a direct email. Make each email personal with their names, possibly a reminder of when you last met and what you discussed and a meeting proposal.

Social Media – the reach you can get on social media is quite impressive. Put banners, facts and figures, countdowns, the names of the company representatives who will attend the show, details of any competitions that will be held at your booth and teasers for any big announcements that your company is going to make. Use your website and social media channels to get the word out. Find out what’s trending on social media (related to the event) and take advantage of hashtags.

Company employees – your staff are your greatest brand advocates. Your sales team is likely reaching out to potential clients all the time. Let your clients and potential clients know you will be at the exhibition and add a line or small banner to their email signature.

Advertisements – many big exhibitions have their own website and mobile application. Here, you can usually find advertising opportunities in prime positions. If your budget allows, a small banner on either the app or website is a good way of being noticed by attendees.

Registration – if your company has plenty of free passes, offer your biggest clients and potential clients a pass. You can also work with the trade show organizers to see if you can send out discounted passes to people.

Follow-up – chances are you made appointments a few weeks before the show. Don’t be shy to email everyone right before the show to remind them about your meeting and what you’re going to discuss.

Live coverage – don’t go from an aggressive pre-show social media campaign to absolute silence when the show begins. Stay active on all your social media platforms, take pictures of your booth, branding, staff, interesting things at the event and stay social, very social! Live feeds with relevant keywords and hashtags can do a lot for your company.

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