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Lighting at your exhibit display

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An excellent product demo can be extremely effective in engaging prospects and stopping traffic. Here are some tips on how to leave a lasting impression.

Lighting at your exhibit display

Lights, Camera, Action – Tips for trade show booth lighting

By strategising your booth lighting. you can create a subliminal mood, draw visitors to your booth and influence their behaviour. The goal is to create an atmosphere that represents your brand, interests customers and ultimately improves sales. Generally, exhibition halls are well lit so more than a light source, your exhibition lighting is used for emphasis.

Set the appropriate mood – determine who you want your visitors to be. Are you targeting a young audience or a slightly older crowd? Be careful when choosing coloured lighting as this can have a great impact on the mood as well as the appearance of products and people. Try to avoid flashing and twinkling lights that can be distracting and cause over-sensitivity.

Functionality – you can get really creative with booth lighting but it is important to make sure that it is functional. Take into consideration how the lighting solutions will function in your space, if they will be good for photography and if they will be practical as well as cost-effective.

Variety – thanks to advanced technology, the variety of lighting available is incredible. You can use different types of lights in different areas to eliminate shadows, create a welcoming environment, highlight areas and make your products more visually appealing.

Focal point – use lighting not only to draw attention to your booth but to highlight and dramatise key areas such as product displays and special messages. There are many ways that you can play with lighting to really highlight spots within the booth that you want to attract visitors to. In general, people are attracted to areas with the brightest light so work with your designers to make your focal point visually attractive. If there are specific items in your display that you’d like to highlight, use one light for each item. You can use two lights for an extra large item.

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