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Keep your booth busy and your visitors engaged

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An excellent product demo can be extremely effective in engaging prospects and stopping traffic. Here are some tips on how to leave a lasting impression.

Keep your booth busy and your visitors engaged

Keep your booth busy and your visitors engaged

You have gone all out and got an incredible booth and you have your top sales members there but you just can’t seem to attract the right visitors. With so much going on at exhibitions from giant booths to lighting and distracting graphics, it’s easy for a company to get lost in the chaos.

Have a competition

Let everyone know – put it on your website, get on social media, let passers-by know, mention it on any show sponsorship you might have and have a great giveaway. Ask people to stop by your booth to fill in a form or collect a raffle coupon and try to keep them engaged while they are at your booth. Competitions are an effective way to increase footfall at exhibitions but try to keep it relevant – the competition should be in line with your product/service. You can start running your competition way before the show starts by having social media competitions and announcing the results at the exhibition.

Contact attendees

Some show organisers will give you a list of attendees that registered for the event. Get in touch with them and stay in contact until the show starts. Send them a personalised email inviting them for a meeting, follow up before the show and let them know what you can offer them. Also promote your presence to existing clients by sending out mail blasts, communicating with them via your sales team and being active on social media.

Social Media

Get on social media and interact with and engage with people who are going to be visiting the exhibition. Use popular show hashtags to let people know you are going to be there and to let them know if you have a product demo, special event at your booth, press conference or anything else you would like them to attend. Stay active on social media throughout the show with live feeds, regular image/video posts and short interviews of staff members. To reach a larger audience, you can use paid advertising on social media platforms.

Have a lounge

If your booth space allows for it, have a small area where people can relax, charge their phones or sit down to check their emails. Offer free Wi-Fi and in no time your booth will be buzzing! Leave marketing collateral on the tables so it can catch their eye!

Speaker opportunities

Try to get a speaker role for one of the key members of your company. Become the company that people go to for reliable industry information. Show them that your company can offer a wealth of information on the topic being discussed and have your speaker let everyone know that they can stop by your booth during the show to discuss further.

Provide Entertainment

Whether it’s a musician, a magician, games or a photo-booth. Trade shows can get quite hectic with back-to-back meetings and lots of industry talk so people really like to take a break and unwind for a few minutes in between.

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