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How to display your products at a trade show

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Without pre-trade show marketing, your on-site marketing might not be as effective. Here are some tips on how to market your brand before a trade show.

How to display your products at a trade show

Product Display Tips

Trade shows are an excellent place to put your products on display for a wide audience of people who are probably all in your industry or interested in products like yours. Brining your product to a place with so many potential buyers is reason enough to be at a trade show (just make sure the trade show is right for your company – tips here). From a buyers point of view, being at a trade show is good because you can see the product up close, get a better feel for it than you would in a picture and also compare a few different manufacturers to see whose product best suits their needs.

Like they would in a store, products need to be displayed in a manner that is eye-catching and makes them tempting to buy. How you display the products can really make an impact on the sales you have. First things first, you need to decide what you need in order to display them nicely. Speak to your contractor and give them information like:

– the size of the products you want to put on display

– whether they will on the floor or require a stand or special structure for display

– if they will need to be secured/locked for safety

– if you need electricity to promote the products

– if there will be a product demonstration

– if there is a new product that needs more promotion or needs to be highlighted more than the others

– if any of the products require special attention or care

This information will help your stand builder come up with a design and solution that will help you display your products in a way that suits your company’s needs. Here are some tips on promoting your products at your trade show booth.

  1. Don’t overload the booth – don’t bring too many products with you. You want to avoid creating confusing clutter and giving your display the appearance of a yard sale. Bring along your best-sellers, new products and products that you consider key to the success of your trade show display.
  2. Have a product demonstration – keep it short and sweet (2-4minutes). A convincing demonstration can do wonders for product sales.
  3. Support your products with graphics that highlight the benefits of using the products. Tell their story with good, interesting graphics that will help you make a sale. Highlight their key advantages and what makes them worth buying.
  4. Lighting – ensure that the lighting is right. You don’t want to have a shadow over your products or leave them sitting around in the dark getting no attention. Use lighting that will highlight them and attract people towards them. Use special effects and brighter lighting for products that you want to place extra emphasis on. Speak to your trade show contractor for lighting solutions.
  5. Customise each product’s display based on their size and weight. If your product is huge and cannot be put on a stand, put some graphics around it or hanging signs that will attract more people and bring more attention to the product. If the products are small, amplify them with demos, graphics and videos that show them enlarged.
  6. Bring the products to life – create an environment that is similar to that which the products would actually be used in. You can use images, graphics, props or your booth design to show your potential buyers what the product would be like in the real world. Use the suggestive technique to show the items in use. Decide on a theme or look and promote this consistently throughout your trade show promotional materials.

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