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Hostesses at your trade show booth

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With so much to take care of at trade shows, it can be difficult to make time to engage your visitors and ensure your booth is busy at all times. These tips might…

Hostesses at your trade show booth

Trade show – front desk hostesses

Models, luxury, extravagance and over the top giveaways can be a great way to attract visitors to your booth. However, it is important to remember that your hostesses are the first people your booth visitors will encounter when they come to your booth. Many companies choose to have staff members present at the reception because they know the industry and have knowledge of the company. However, if you opt to go with an agency that provides models and hostesses, it is important to do it the right way.

Before the show

Information – once your hostesses have been confirmed, send them a company presentation or material they can read to learn more about the company. It is important that visitors to the booth have their questions answered. Let them know that if there are questions they cannot answer, they should direct the visitor to a member of staff.

Sizes and measurement – this is if you are arranging uniforms for them. Uniforms should be well fitted and neat looking so make sure you get exact measurements to avoid a shabby appearance.

Organizing –  you need to meet the hostesses the day before the show. Give them their uniforms, let them know what the dress code is (hair, nails, shoes) and arrange timings including breaks to ensure someone is at the front desk at all times. Give them instructions, let them know what time to be there the next day and cover all their duties so there are no surprises. Your hostesses should be well groomed, polite and welcoming to visitors.

At the show

Introduction – introduce the hostesses to the staff members and let them know who to go to if they need help, show them the key members of the team and let them know which department each person is from so they can direct visitors to the right member of staff.

Write down a list of responses for them – have easy answers for general questions like “What does this company do?” or “Where is the company headquartered?”. These are the questions that they will be getting asked the most so it is important for them to be able to answer with confidence.

Collecting business cards – your reception desk acts like a gate to your booth. Everyone that enters your booth should be met with or greeted by a hostess. Here, you should collect business cards from everyone that comes into the booth. This will help you expand your database with people that are interested in the company and you can use this list to send out a post-show thank you for visiting mail blast.

Handing out brochures – no visitor should leave your booth unattended. If your hostesses are unable to attend to a query and no one at your booth is available to meet with them, they should hand the visitor a brochure and tell them to have a seat until someone is free to meet with them. If the booth is very busy, hand them a brochure and ask for their business card so someone can get back to them as soon as possible.

General booth etiquettes – if your visitor is waiting to meet with someone, have them seated. If there is catering at the booth, offer them a drink and let them know that the person has been informed.

Interrupting meetings – if a visitor with a scheduled meeting comes to the booth and the person they are there to meet is in another meeting, it is important not to barge into the meeting and announce it. Quietly walk over, say “sorry to interrupt” and quietly tell the person that they have someone there to see them or just hand them the business card.

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