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Have your sales soaring at trade shows

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At a trade show, drayage refers to the movement of your exhibit materials from your contractor or carrier’s vehicle to the booth space you have rented. Most show …

Have your sales soaring at trade shows

Tips to have your sales soaring at a trade show

If you have been to a trade show before, you already know this – trade shows require a hard-sell approach. Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of your first meeting with potential clients at trade shows.

Make yourself available – if you see someone approach your stand, attend to them right away. People have extremely busy schedules combined with short attention spans during trade shows so the quicker you get to them, the better. Most people will not have the time to wait at your booth for someone to attend to them. If there are people walking away from your booth because they cannot get help could potentially be a huge loss.

Engage the person – the way you greet a visitor to your booth reflects your level of professionalism and interest in the conversation. Ask direct questions that engage the visitor and prompt them to ask about your products or services.

Practice – you need to know your product inside out and be confident when you are trying to convince potential clients that they need your product. Write out a few variations of a sales pitch and rehearse it to family and friends to see which one sounds most effective. Take on board the criticism and adjust your pitch accordingly. Refine your pitch so that it lasts approximately 30 seconds and includes what your product/service is and how it can benefit that individual or their business.

Actions speak louder than words – if you are selling a product and having one at the booth is possible, demonstrate it to the client or show them a working example rather than trying to convince them verbally.

Ask questions – your goal is to find out who the person is, why they need your product or service and whether or not they are the final decision maker. Ask questions to find out why they might be interested in your product and offer them solutions.

Do your research – know which companies are going to be at a show and customise your pitch for each one based on the solutions you feel your company can offer them. Know who you are going to meet and set up a meeting in advance.

Finally, look smart, talk clearly and concisely and try not to take up too much of their time. Don’t forget to take their contact details so you can follow up with them afterwards.

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