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Crush the competition

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Trade shows can be such a powerful marketing tool, if used correctly. It is important to ensure you have done your research to see which trade shows work for your …

Crush the competition

Crush the competition – how to stand out at a trade show

  1. Have a unique giveaway – everyone picks up mugs, pens and swag that we’re all well too familiar with. Try giving out something fun, quirky and useful – something that will give people a break from what they usually end up with. It doesn’t have to break the bank – a simple but different item that you can place your logo on. Even better, think of a giveaway that everyone would want and would have to stand in line for. When people see long lines, they always want to know what is going on so create curiosity and have visitors lining up for whatever it is that you are giving away.
  2. Monitor the competition in advance. Check their social media pages, see what their presence has been like at other exhibitions and know what you are up against. Don’t go and copy them but do things that will set you apart. It’s important to know what all the big dogs are doing so start monitoring!
  3. Invest in a phenomenal display – regardless of the size of the space you have, creating a display that catches peoples’ eye and has people talking about you is what you want. What you want to avoid is a sad looking table at the corner of an exhibition that no visitor is enticed by. The more engaging and fun your company looks, the more visitors you will get.
  4. Be the company that people want to be “seen at” – throw a party at your booth, an after party or create hype. Even if your company is not that big, make noise like it is HUGE! You want to be the one with an interactive booth, fun staff and good vibes. Be a young company that exudes energy and is the life of the party – engagement is the way forward.
  5. Have a fun presentation or short engaging visual content like a video ready for your sales people – most trade show visitors have had it with sales pitches a few hours into the show. Help your sales team grab their attention by providing them with something fun and catchy.
  6. Pre-show marketing – don’t forget the importance of social media and email campaigns to let everyone know you will be there and why they should stop by your booth.
  7. Booth location – be extremely fussy when it comes to picking the location of your booth. You don’t want a display right at the corner at the very back where no one is going to pass by. Find something central or on a busy aisle where you know people are going to see you.
  8. Be creative and in the moment – use social media and other live ways to connect with audiences who are at the show and the ones who are sitting at home or at their office. Make it fun, be creative and do something different that will get people talking. Word of mouth is a blessing at trade shows.
  9. If you have news, contact the press well in advance to ensure they have your story and try to get as much PR coverage at the exhibition as possible. Here are some tips.
  10. Sponsorship – get the most bang for your buck. If you have decided to go down this path, choose your sponsorship locations wisely and do your research so you know what you’re getting in terms of exclusivity and visibility. More on this here.

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