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Creating a Tradeshow Budget

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At trade shows, location is everything.
When choosing a location, find an area that is relevant and full …

Creating a Tradeshow Budget

What to consider when making a budget for a Trade Show

Your budget for a trade show will provide the basis for computing and determining your Return on Investment. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you have calculated everything and that it is all accurate. The aim is to know exactly how much was spent and what came out of it.

First, you need to make sure that the exhibition you are considering is the right one for you. Will you have access to an abundance of potential clients and reach your target market?

Things to add to your budget:

Registration – badges for your employees, contractors and possibly big clients

Space hire – the space you are hiring for your exhibition booth

Booth design and build – contractor costs

Drayage – ask your contractor if this is included in their price. It most likely will not be and if it is, they could be asking you for a lot more than if you paid the organizers directly

Graphics and signage – are you printing graphics to have at your booth? How much did that cost? Do you need to pay for shipment to get them there?

Sponsorship – what, if anything, are you going to sponsor? Will it be visible and is it worth it? Put every last thing in the budget

Electricity, water, Wi-Fi, phone connection – usually, your contractor will take care of booking these for you based on your requirements but the cost will be for your company to handle

Shipment – will your marketing materials be sent over with a courier? Will your staff attending the show be taking it with them? Include shipment costs of the booth, marketing collateral and anything else that is being shipped over for use at the exhibition

Swag – include giveaways, prizes, brochures and flyers

Installation and Dismantling – do you have a small booth that can be put together easily? If you’re paying a company to put it up and take it down for you, add this cost too

Staffing – who is attending the exhibition from your company? Include flights, accommodation, per diem and any other staff-related expenses. Do you need to hire serving staff, hostesses, receptionists, models or speakers? Include that too.

You might have a lot more to add to the list, just be careful not to forget anything. It is important that everything is accounted for and that you are able to calculate every last dime spent at the show so you can determine your ROI.

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