Maximising Opportunity – Tips for Trade Show Sponsorship

Trade show sponsorships are so tempting! As a marketer, paying money to have your brand name and logo plastered all over a venue with all the right people seems so worth it. Sponsoring a trade show can take a toll on your annual marketing budget so you need to make sure it will have the impact that you’re looking for.

Premium sponsorship packages for national shows are a huge investment and here are some tips on how to choose what to sponsor.

Don’t do it on the cheap – if your budget allows, look into the options that offer more visibility. Sometimes one big sponsorship is better than three or four small ones, in terms of visibility. Think of tote bags, lanyards, badges and registration desks. With a phenomenal booth to match your sponsorship, your presence might just dominate the show!

Traffic – although focusing on shows with high volumes of traffic is important, you need to make sure that the people you are targeting fall within that traffic. There is no point in choosing a show that has 30,000 visitors out of which no one is interested in your product or service. You need to find a trade show that will give you the maximum exposure to the largest amount of people that are in your target market. Do your research and if you cannot find enough information on the internet, , aslrequest the show organizers to send you statistics and demographics of visitors in previous years.

Exclusivity – trade shows are a bonanza of opportunities and to maximise profits, many organizers sell shared sponsorships. This also lowers the cost of the sponsorship but could end up diluting your message. Although your goal is probably to have your brand plastered throughout the trade show, it might not work as well if it is mixed with many other companies or competitors. If your budget allows, find spots that are prime and exclusive so that your brand sticks out.

Plan for the next show – as an exhibitor, you should constantly be looking for opportunities to maximise your brand exposure at future shows. Walk around the show and look for opportunities for the next show, you can even come up with ideas and discuss these with the show organizers to see if they would be open to it. Pay attention to the areas that attract the most people and see which areas are relatively empty.

Engage trade show visitors – sponsorships today are more than just logo placement on banners. With such diverse platforms on which you can engage people, think creative and do something outside the box. Create an experience that people will remember or give out something that people will use all the time. Do something engaging that will encourage people to jump on social media and share right away.

So before you jump right in and sponsor the first thing you think will get you visibility, ask yourself a few simple questions. What is the target market for this event? Will this give me direct access to the right audience? Does it help me to achieve any of our marketing or business goals? Can I get the same amount of exposure in another way without making an investment?