Paying attention to detail can make a significant impact on your trade show presence. Here are a few ideas for in-booth branding.

Your booth – your booth is the biggest, and most exciting branding opportunity you will have at a convention.

Reception desk – Your receptionist/hostess uniform can really change the look of your reception area. Neatly display business cards of every employee that is at the booth. This allows people to take a card as they go and could possibly lead to sales in the future.

Name badges – your employees are your brand. Ensure staff members are wearing company lanyards and name badges.

Brochures – have nicely written, good quality brochures that can distributed to potential clients. Your brochures should not be too large or heavy because you want people to take them home or back to their office. If you have large brochures, consider reprinting smaller ones for trade-show purposes.

Tote bags – these are very handy as many people would have picked up a bunch of brochures, business cards and swag and will be looking for somewhere to keep them. It’s great for branding when people are walking around with your bags.

Coffee stencils – these are very cute, inexpensive and can be custom-made in the shape of your company logo or an industry-related icon.

Notebooks and pens – many guests at the booth would have stopped by unannounced and will request you for a notepad and pen so you may as well have branded ones handy!

Chocolates/candy – these are easy to get, inexpensive and people love them!

Mobile chargers – most people don’t get a chance to sit and charge their phones when they get busy at conventions so it’s extremely useful to receive portable mobile chargers.

Photo booth – everybody loves photo booths! Have a theme, funny props and quick printing. Arrange for a template with your logo and the name of the show so people remember your booth.

Remember, you don’t want anything too large, bulky or heavy because a significant amount of people attending the exhibition will be from out of town and you don’t want the bulk of your swag being left around the convention center or in hotel rooms.